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NYC English is a US-based industry leader specialising in conversational English. It uses the latest technologies to teach all four English skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking, with an emphasis on listening and speaking. NYC English is aligned to international standards such as CEFR, TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS, and is ideal to complement an existing curriculum or for independent self-learning. NYC English is tailored for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

NYC English Beginner Level

30 Themes 
Learn the basics: introductions, descriptions, and speak about topics that are encountered on a daily basis. 


Greetings and Closings I Introducing Ourselves and Others
Asking Simple Questions Describing Yourseslf and Others
Describing with Adjectives Expressing Simple Likes and Dislikes
Describing Locations of Things Describing Where Things are Located
Asking Directions Asking For and Giving Time
Describing Daily Habits and Routines Talking about Jobs and Work
Talking About the Weather I Expressing More Complex Likes and Dislikes
Making Invitations Greetings and Closings II
Introductions My Family
Around the Classroom At My House
Public Places Professions
Describing Others Time and Events
Talking About the Weather II Describing with Colors
Clothing and Prices Our Favorite Foods
Talking on the Telephone Getting Around

Why NYC English?

Improve Your Confidence

Speaking a language that you don't speak often can be nerve-wrecking. Use NYC English to practice and gain confidence.
Learn How to Make Small Talk

In most jobs, you'll be required to meet new people. Learn how to make small talk by following the themes in NYC English.
Speak Like A Professional

NYC English teaches you to speak with the right grammar, such as using the right tenses to express yourself accurately.
Improve Your People Skills

Effective communication is essential to build positive relationships with other people. NYC English is a great learning tool for this.

How Does It Work?

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NYC English - Beginner Level

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