“Despite having a kind heart,

And diligently praying every night,

When the time comes for the Aconitum grass to blossom

And the moon shining bright at night

He can’t help it but turn into a wolf”

This is an old folk song in Europe about the legendary werewolf.

A werewolf is initially described as having eyebrows that join, with long and sharp growing nails, sharp ears, hair growing on the hands and legs, of human face and looks despicable. For many years, werewolves remain legendary to everyone.

According to the folklore in Europe, those having consumed water from the river or bitten or those who have eaten the Aconitum grass taken by a werewolf, will eventually turn into werewolf.

In my opinion, all the legendary stories carry a connotation that there is always a dark side of a human being. For example, the senseless beating, robberies, cases being committed, have caused

commentators to term these people who commit such acts as “Wolves dressed in human skin”.

I believe human beings are kind at heart when they are born. So are you a wolf or a human being inside?

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Revenge of the Mutant Wolf

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